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Mangalia Industrial Park was the product of the efficient use of the disaffected area of the Mangalia Shipyard( the former military shipyard).The local business environment and not only were therefore encouraged and as a result the production was stimulated and new employment opportunities were created.

The Mangalia Industrial Park has a surface of 13,1 ha and it is located at a distance of 1,5 km west of the city.The site is the property of the Town of Mangalia. The park has easy access to the county road DJ391, Mangalia- Negru Voda, but it also has access to the European road E85 (DN 39) Constanţa- Mangalia. The park has access to the railroad and to The Mangalia Harbor. The proximity with the Bulgarian border provides opportunities for the development of import - export activities and transborder cooperation.

The management of the park is provided by S.C. Administrarea Parcului Industrial Mangalia S.R.L.. This is the list of the shareholders of the company:

The traders that will operate in The Mangalia Industrial Park will have the following benefits and advantages :

We are at the service of the interested parties that wish to start businesses in the Mangalia Industrial Park.